Sheepdog Embarks On an Incredible 240-Mile Journey To Go Back To His Family

Pero, a sheepdog, made his way back to his hometown after traveling 240 miles for almost two weeks. It’s a mystery how the dog survived the journey, but it also proved one thing: Pero is fiercely loyal to his family.

Pero’s escape plan

Pero is one of the fifteen sheepdogs who lives and works with the James family in Wales. He’s a hardworking dog and he takes his sheepherding job seriously. So, when a farmer from Cumbria expressed his need for a sheepdog in his farm, Alan James thought Pero would be most suitable for the job.

Pero was sent to Cumbria with the farmer for a dry-run. But apparently, Pero was felt homesick and not happy with his new home. The clever dog devised a plan to escape. The last thing the Cumbrian farmer knew was that Pero was out herding sheep, and the dog never came back.


Coming home

Pero’s new owner notified the James family that the sheepdog had gone missing. At first, they thought that Pero would go back to his new owner in Cumbria, but that didn’t happen. They didn’t know was that the dog was already headed to Wales, back to his original family.

Pero’s journey took 12 days, covering 240 miles. The James’ were surprised to see the dog turning up at their doorstep. Pero looked rather thin and a little weak, but all in all, he was in good condition. He was happy to see his real owners and doggie siblings that he kept jumping.

Pero’s original owners were mystified how the dog survived 12 days alone as he walked his way towards his real home in Wales. They jokingly said that the dog might have satellite navigation in his brain. They knew most dogs are capable of returning home, but walking 240 miles is such a long trip to take.

The family is happy to have their devoted pooch back, and they don’t intend giving him to anyone again. After such a remarkable journey, Pero deserves a loyalty award.

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