Proven Useful Tips to Training Your Dog

I know that there are many dog owners out there looking for proven, useful tips to training their dog. In fact, it is not that difficult if you understand what you can do for your dog. This article aims to help you train your dog and you will be surprised how effective these tips are.

It is important to be be firm, calm and assertive when you are dealing with your dog and start at it as early as possible. Use a sooth voice and never become frustrated whenever you are dealing with your dog. If you are in a bad mood, stop the training. Your dog would become confused because your dog does not understand your bad mood and may make subsequent training sessions difficult. Always be patient and kind in an assertive way.

Utilize the reward method when training your dog. Offer your dog a treat if it did something really well. Pat your dog and ensure that your dog understands why you are pleased with him or her.

Be patient with your dog during the training. It may take between 25 to 50 repetitions of the same command for your dog to understand. Eventually with enough repetitions, your dog will learn the command. Affirm with a soothing voice, pat and reward enthusiastically when your dog when he or she gets it.


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Develop a great relationship with your dog. Spend quality time always with your dog giving affirmations generously. If your dog loves to jump, nip or run like crazy, you may try a “time-out” in a quiet room or back into his or her kennel. Once again, enough repetition will help the dog understand that his or her behavior is acceptable or unacceptable at the appropriate time.

One of the first training for a puppy is possibly potty training for the young puppy. Teach your dog to do their business outside the home or during your walks with the dog. Praise them every time they do their business to encourage them that they are doing it right.

These useful tips to training your dog are proven methods that many people worldwide have done with great success. Dogs are great pets and they are loyal, intelligent and obedient. Sometimes, when your dog do not behave the way you want, do not give up. It takes patience and it would be well worth it when you begin to see dog obedience taking shape.

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