Tips For The Average Joe in Dog Training

If you want a obedient dog, you need to start and establish a training routine as soon as you can. A dog has multiple behaviors and they will need all the guidance that we can give to them when they are growing up. Some of them are fearful, shy, hyperactive or some have a personality that is aggressive or even rebellious. If you are like me, the average joe of a person, do not fret but I hope this article can help in steps to help develop your dog to be a more well-behaved in quick time.

Learn that it is necessary to establish a “time-out” session for misbehaving dogs. If you give too much freedom to your dog, ie. destructive chewing, peeing on the carpet, jumping on the tables or destroying  furniture or your valuable belongings, you need to start curbing on your dog’s freedom. After a “time-out” session, introduce the freedom gradually. Be firm and serious that you want to see good behavior in your dog. Your dog will eventually understand with a little bit of assertiveness.

Dogs require a routine exercise lifestyle. It is true that your dog need regular walks in the park as a form of energy release and not to just coop up in his or her kennel. When your dog is out on physical exerting active walks or runs, your dog will be to tired out and you would prevent other unwanted physical behavior like digging up your lawn! When you take your dog out for a walk or run with a leash, give incentives or treats for good behavior.

A dog needs to learn to get along when there are other dogs around. They need to learn socializing. When dogs meet outside, encourage them to socialize rather than being shy or overly aggressive. Reward the dog for good socializing behavior. Ultimately, we want our dog to be comfortable in all occasions in the open or even in crowded places.


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It is important to always remain patient when you are training your dog. Avoid losing your temper or training your dog when you are in a bad mood. This causes confusion and in the long run cause your dog to mistrust you. A mistrusting dog would never fully obey your training and it would not be easy to correct this perception.

You can always learn dog training and obedience in an establish dog school. These schools are inexpensive and it will surely do your dog good and you will be proud of a well-training and well-behaved obedient dog.

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