Are You Up To Owning a Pit Bull Terrier?

The Pit Bull Terriers have had a bad name and it seems that every other week we hear a “kid mauled by a pit bull” story. People dislike this dog breed and some of your neighbors may even try to kill your dog or direct hateful comments to your dog.

The fact is that pit bulls terriers have powerful jaws, and they can easily kill or maim. On one side, we have traumatized families and public safety advocates while on the other, powerful group lobbyists say pit bulls are the most misunderstood breed of dogs and are no more dangerous than any other pets.

Canada has a patchwork of laws and regulations – Ontario has a ban, Quebec is considering one. But pro-pit bull activists oppose any “breed-specific legislation.” In the United States, the lobby has even succeeded in getting many states to ban pit bulls bans.

Mark Kelley speaks to leading advocates for pit bulls, families of pit bull attack victims, shelter workers and doctors as he probes the sometimes disturbing debate over what to do about the pit bull.


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Do you want a Pit Bull Terrier to impress people?

Do not bring one home if you want to impress people. You are doing yourself and the dog a great injustice. Puppies are being bred quickly and bad breeding practices are producing unstable dogs. Eventually, some are abandoned. Every day there are hundreds of great pit bull terrier dogs put down because no one will adopt them or they are deemed “aggressively unstable and unadoptable” by shelters.

In conclusion, before you run out and buy a Pit Bull Terrier, think about your options. Ensure you have what it takes to provide and care for the dog. Take your time to find a dog that matches your desires and lifestyle so that you know you can care for the dog for the long haul.

Pit Bulls Unleashed: Should They Be Banned?

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One thought on “Are You Up To Owning a Pit Bull Terrier?

  1. Thank you so much for the article on Pitbulls. I have two in my home. They are big babbles. One of them wines whenever he wants something. One raised the other. They sleep next to or on top of each other. I have never experienced any aggression from them. My three year old grand daughter walked into my house to visit and they wanted to get next to her to give her affection. They had never met each other.
    All these stories about Pitbulls naiuling children does not tell the whole story. As I know Pitbulls are very protective of children. I find difficult to believe that a Pitbull would hurt a child with out serious provocation. I believe that it’s not the Pit but who raised it.

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