How to train your German Shepherd dog

One of my favorites dogs is the German Shepherd Dog (GSD). They are in fact one of the most intelligent dogs if not the most intelligent dogs among all the breeds of dogs. They are truly a wonderful breed which not only make good working dogs, they also make superb family pets.

Training a GSD can be very different from other dog breeds. Since, their intelligence surpass most other dog breeds, they will need to be handled and trained with a different approach compared to the dog breeds like the poodle or labrador for instance.

A well trained GSD can learn to do almost anything! They are strong athletic dogs which can handle vigorous exercise and even mental stimulation. They thrive on challenging activities and are willing to please and serve their master at all times.

You can see GSD used widely as working dogs used by most police forces. The very look of a GSD is usually enough to act as a deterrent. Although GSD are calm and composed most of the time, when called into action, they can be very aggressive and very few dog breeds can match the German Shepherd as an all rounder.


German Shepherd Dog

As an owner of a GSD, we should have the commitment to training our German Shepherd dog in order that they are well-behaved and that you can take them out safely without being a threat in public.

Joining a dog training class

If you have a puppy German Shepherd, it is a good idea to join a dog training class. From about 4 months onwards, most clubs will accept your dogs into the puppy classes. This should be good fun for your puppy and allows him to play and to socialize but it also serves the purpose of teaching him or her what is acceptable and what is not.

Start training early

The earlier you start training and socialization the better. They often develop a tendency to be aggressive towards other dogs and also towards strangers and they can become very protective towards their owners and property. GSDs need plenty of exposure to people and even other dogs to curb their aggressiveness.

GSDs are active dogs

Be aware that young GSDs can be active and boisterous as well. If you have young children or the elderly that are uncomfortable with an active dog, keep them away but you do not want to discourage your dog from being active as well.

GSDs generally mature when they are about 3 years old with proper training and socializing. So, it is advisable to train your GSD early and you will realize the benefit it brings to your dog in the long run.

Grooming your GSD

Another important part of training your German Shepherd is to get him used to being groomed. GSDs shed copious amounts of hair and although they only molt once a year, it lasts for 365 days. So be prepared for dog hair all over your house, your clothes, in your food and buy yourself a very good vacuum cleaner.

Training your German Shepherd should be very much part of everyday life and it should be fun to stick with it because it really will be worth it in the end.

How to Train a German Shepherd Puppy

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