An Adorable Rottweiler Meets A Baby For The First Time

Canines are so full of love, and they think that everyone in the house is a part of their family. It is exciting for them when they get a new member of the family to love! This story is about how a cute Rottweiler meets a baby for the first time.


It was crucial to Bruno the Rottweiler’s owner that his baby and Bruno had a great first meeting. His owner got clothes that his baby wore before and let Bruno smell it so the scent would be familiar to Bruno. However, Bruno thought the clothes were toys at first and tried to nibble on them! Thankfully, his owner tried again, and Bruno smelled the clothes then smiled!

Feeling the excitement

Bruno loved the baby instantly and wanted to protect the baby. While the parents carefully rocked the baby in the crib, Bruno attentively watched the baby. Bruno wanted to be near the baby all the time so he could keep an eye on his little sister. It made Bruno happy that he could love a new family member.

When Bruno saw his owner walk in carrying his baby sister, he became so excited. Bruno wanted to make sure that his owner was keeping the baby safe. Bruno’s owner bent down to show Bruno the baby, then Bruno licked her small foot! It didn’t matter to Bruno whether the baby had fur or not because he would love it all the same.


The personality of a rottweiler

A lot of people think Rottweilers are scary and mean, but that is far from the truth! Like Bruno, many Rottweilers are kind and sweet. They are careful when they around creatures smaller than them and want to give as much love as they can! Rottweilers are big teddy bears with even bigger hearts!

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Source: YouTube | AllthingsBruno

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