Man’s Heroic Act Saves A Dog From Being Strangled By An Elevator

Johnny rode the elevator from the basement garage, just one floor up to where he lives. All Johnny thought was that going to his flat would be the same as every day, but the universe proved him otherwise.

Johnny Mathis was on his way back home to his apartment in Texas and did not expect that imminent danger was about to occur right in his very eyes. Johnny stepped out of the building’s elevator and noticed his new neighbor waiting for her turn to enter the lift along with her pet wearing a long doggy leash when the unimaginable happened.

Johnny’s neighbor went inside the lift without realizing that her dog was actually about five steps behind her. The elevator’s sensors were not able to detect the leash that was in the middle of the doorway, and the lift’s door closed.


The puppy was trapped outside the elevator with her leash still around her neck. Luckily, Johnny looked back and saw that the Pomeranian was not able to get in the elevator with her owner.

Johnny shared with The Dodo that he tried calling the dog’s owner, but unfortunately, the girl was already inside the elevator, and the lift has already closed its doors. Johnny remembered the adrenaline rush he felt when the elevator started to rise.

Johnny rushed to the dog’s side and frantically unbuckled the puppy’s collar from the leash just a few seconds before an avoidable death would have happened. Fortunately, Johnny’s quick thinking saved the dog, who almost died from the freak accident.

Thankfully, Johnny happened to be at the right place and at the right time and was able to be the hero of the day. The dog’s owner could not stop crying and kept on thanking her new neighbor for saving her dog’s life.

Source: Johnny Mathis via Twitter

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