The Dog Who Won’t Stop Staring At The 11th Floor Apartment

How can one long for someone yet not go near them when they’re there? Is it due to trust issues with that person? Or is something just holding that individual back?

People tried to catch him multiple times but to no avail. When he sees an adult coming, he runs away.  He seems to either dislike people or is scared of adults in particular.

This was evident when he hears children’s voices; he goes to them and plays with them. He enjoys the children’s company so much. When all the playing is done, he returns to the same spot and continues to stare at the building.

Even when he is done running away from people and adults, he goes back to the same spot. People didn’t know why until his owner came out. It seems that he was adopted and brought in to the apartment but escaped.


Now, he stares at the building, not sure if he should go back. He waits outside for his owner, where she feeds her from a distance since he also won’t come near her. To solve this problem, the children came up with a plan.

Forming a circle, the children surrounded the owner and encouraged the dog to get inside as if they were playing. This was effective as the dog got inside the circle, and his owner was finally able to hold him again.

She got him inside the apartment, bathed him, and fed him. The vet advised to let the children continue visiting him as he trusts them the most. It does take time for the dog to trust adults, but being with his owner is a start.

He is now with the person that he waits for daily. Moving forward, may the two develop a relationship full of love.

Source SBS TV via YouTube

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