Friendly Dog Surprised Bus Driver As He Boarded The Bus All Alone

Hicham Boujlal was about to finish his bus route in Saramäki, Finland, the other night when an unlikely passenger caught his attention. While nearing the last stop, he spotted a large, fluffy pup walking all alone on the dark roadside. Hicham wanted to take a closer look, so he put the bus to a stop and opened the door.

The dog seemed to have taken this as the driver’s invitation for a free ride. Immediately, the pup got on the bus and, to Hicham’s surprise, sat gently near him. Even if there was no other passenger, the friendly pooch still chose to sit closest to the kind driver.



Of course, the dog could not tell the driver where he was headed. So, Hicham made that decision for him instead. Hicham brought the pup to the bus depot office. Then, he contacted the local animal shelter for them to take care of the stray pooch.

On the way to the office, though, the furry passenger proved that he was such a great traveling companion. Hicham can attest how good of commuter the dog was. He was not only friendly. He was a good boy too.

Not long after, the word about the lone furry passenger got out. That officially ended the pup’s solo adventure. It turns out that the dog lives near the area. He wandered off from his home a few hours before Hicham saw him strolling alone on the side of the road.

Thanks to Hicham’s kindness, the pup immediately got reunited with his worried family. The dog seemed to know that the bus driver would lead him back to his home. Hicham said that the four-legged commuter was a very friendly and intelligent dog. Knowing that he had the chance to help the pup thrilled him a lot.

Credit: Hicham Boujlal