Mama Dog Learns To Trust Humans Again After Animal Rescue Volunteers Reunites Her With Her Puppies

We all know that stray dogs continue to be a problem in most cities. This is why there are so many animal rescue organizations that work very hard to find stray dogs and bring them to shelters and find a new home for them. In  Puerto Rico, Love Of All Dogs Rescue received a call about a stray dog giving birth to a litter of puppies.

The puppies were seen wandering by the side of the road and were in danger of getting run over by fast-moving traffic. A good samaritan called Love Of All Dogs about the puppies. When workers and volunteers from Love Of All Dogs arrived at the scene, the puppies were nowhere to be found. They assumed that the mama dog must have known that people came near her puppies and decided to hide them somewhere.

The volunteers know that the puppies couldn’t be that far away from where they were first seen. They went to search around the area and were lucky to find the puppies hidden under a bus. The puppies were covered in mud, and the rescuers knew that the puppies don’t have much time.

Without any human help, the rescuers know that some of the puppies might die. The mama dog was so worried that she was nearby and continued growling at the rescuers touching her puppies. The rescuers eventually calmed the mama dog down and were able to take the puppies back to the shelter. Here, the puppies received their first bath, and they were also looked at by a veterinarian.


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The rescuers continued searching for the mama dog so she could be with her puppies in the shelter. They posted about the story on social media asking people to help. After two days, Love Of All Dogs Rescue finally got a tip about the mama dog. She was seen fifteen miles away from where the puppies were found.

It took the rescuers a little coaxing for the mama dog to trust them. After a few hours, the rescuers were finally able to put a leash around the mama dog and take her to the shelter. She was reunited with her puppies, and she couldn’t be happier.

The mama dog eventually started to realize that they were safe, and she started warming up to her and her puppies’ rescuers. When the puppies are old enough, they will all be flown to the US to live with their new families. Here’s a heartwarming video of the rescue.

Video Source The Dodo via YouTube

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