Adorable Corgi Helps Pull His Brother’s Socks Off Every Single Day

Eddie is a Pembroke Welsh Corgi who loves his human sibling, Jack, more than anyone else ever since he was a little pup. The inseparable duo enjoys doing all sorts of things together and is not seen without the other, especially when they are both at home.

Eddie and Jack would not mind spending their day doing mundane activities, but if there is one thing that the four-legged puppy likes to do the most, it is pulling Jack’s socks off of his feet. Jack, on the other hand, does not mind his dog going it on his behalf at all.

The favorite part of Eddie's day is removing his boys stinky socks.

Posted by Monica Rose Beall on Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Monica Rose Beall, Jack and Eddie’s mom, shared with The Dodo that on Jack’s first year as their pet, the Corgi immediately took off Jack’s socks as soon as he arrived home from school. Monica said that pulling Jack’s socks off is Eddie’s way of saying that he wants a quick game of tug-of-war with her son.


Eddie sometimes simply lays on his human brother’s socks or just sniffs them if he is not in the mood to play. Eddie is not afraid to let everyone know just how much he loves smelling Jack’s dirty socks.

Eddie and Jack’s little game of pulling socks off has been an essential part of the pair’s daily routine ever since the puppy was less than a year old. Eddie’s day is not complete unless he gets to pull Jack’s socks off as soon as his brother is back home after a tiring day.

Monica recalled that Eddie found it really easy to yank her son’s socks off of his feet when Jack was still younger and had smaller feet. However, removing them has become a bit of a challenge now that Jack’s feet grew bigger.

Jack helps Eddie remove his socks by moving them a bit over to his ankles. Monica said that she sees her children playing the same game for as long as they could together.

Source: Monica Rose Beall via Facebook

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