Rescuer Gets Bitten By Dog, Says It Was Worth It Because She Was Able To Save The Dog

Someone saw a dog which was hiding in some bushes which were near a desert. This person became concerned about the dog and his safety that he called Hope For Paws and told them of the dog and his situation.

Eldad Hagar and Loreta Frankonyte of Hope For Paws decided to act on this. They went out to look for the animal.

When they saw the dog, they saw that it was a poodle and it was injured badly. His rear left paw was missing and the dog was surely in pain.

The duo slowly went closer to the dog who kept on barking and limping away from them. Loreta had some food with her which she kept giving to the animal as she came nearer.


But no matter what they did, the dog just kept moving further away from them. The duo knew that the dog could escape any time so Loreta rushed to grab him.

Loreta was able to do so but she got bitten by the dog a number of times in the process. She didn’t really mind it that much because what was in her mind was that they had to get the dog some help.

Loreta had to endure the pain of the dog bites. Eldad took care of securing the animal. Soon enough, the dog started to calm down after it realized that Eldad and Loreta were helping him.

On their way to the vet, they decided to name the dog Washington. Washington started to wag his tail during this time and it showed that he already trusted the duo.

Loreta may have gotten bitten but she said that it was worth it. She would do it again if it meant saving another dog. She got treatment for the bites.

Washington also got medical help. He had a number of broken bones and the vet also saved the dog’s leg.

Source: Hope For Paws – Official Rescue Channel