Find Out Why This Beagle Transforms Into A Chaotic Dog When No One Is Watching

Have you ever seen a dog transform into a completely different animal when no one is watching? It’s surprising to see a well-behaved dog make a mess out of nowhere. Why does this happen, and how can behavior change be solved? The following story gives an example of how to do that.

Cheonwoo is a beagle, and Zari is a dachshund. They live peacefully with a family who owns the. However, not every day is a peaceful day. On some occasions, when the family leaves the home, even for an hour, they come back to a total mess. It’s a constant source of stress, especially for the mother.

The mother owned Cheonwoo and Zari when she was a teenager and still owns them now that she’s a mom. The dogs helped her get through depression. Nowadays, they’re a constant source of stress. She needs to clean up the mess every time they get chaotic.


To add to the problem, the family never catches the dogs when they make a mess. They only see the aftermath. Cameras were set up while the family goes out to find out how the chaos happens. The results were not as they expected.

The family thought the two dogs were involved in making a mess. However, it was only Cheonwoo who was making all the ruckus. The family showed the video footage to a vet. According to him, he suspects Cheonwoo to be lonely and seeking attention. Ever since the mother had a baby, the love and care given to the dogs were divided, understandably.

Since it’s impractical for the mother to give more attention to the dogs while she’s taking care of a baby, an alternative solution was proposed. Boxes with holes were placed inside the house. Aside from those, there were treats dangled near the window as well. The goal is to provide an adequate distraction for Cheonwoo, so she avoids getting destructive.

The solution worked as intended. The family was happy to see their home in good condition when they came back home from a day of bonding. Looks like all Cheonwoo needed was a proper outlet for her energy.

Original story from SBS TV Animal Farm via YouTube.