Service Dog Gives New Purpose In Life For Wounded Veteran

Before she enlisted in the US Army, Sgt. Christy Garder was a very active person who loves sports. Christy played lacrosse and field hockey, and she was on college scholarship because of it. Christy excelled in sports because she knew it was a pathway for a college education.

Just two weeks after graduating, Christy played for a different team. This time, Christy was playing for the US military. She enlisted in the US Army. Christy has a proud military family history. So, the option to join the military was always there, and it was also encouraged within her family.

Christy decided that joining the army would be the best way to serve her country. She wanted to help people and serve in the front line. However, her military career was cut short when she was in a terrible accident, which caused her serious injuries.

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The injuries she suffered included a fractured skull and damaged spinal cord, which left her numb on both legs. Christy went through twenty-two surgeries since her accident. Eventually, she chose to have both legs amputated below the knee. Her injuries also caused her to experience seizures.

Christy could never be alone anymore because she can pass out without warning, which can cause her to fall and get injured or worse. From being a very active and athletic person to someone who can no longer take care of herself, Christy became depressed and even contemplated suicide.

Christy’s life eventually made a turn for the better when she met Moxie. Moxie is a Golden Retriever service dog who was assigned to Christy. Moxie’s job is to use her acute senses to detect any oncoming seizures in Christy to help her prepare for the inevitable.

Moxie’s presence significantly improved Christy’s life. She doesn’t have to worry about her seizures anymore, thanks to Moxie. Christy’s service dog is there to warn her and help her prepare. Moxie proved to be more than just a service dog for Christy. Moxie became a friend who helped Christy get out of depression.

Moxie would always stay by Christy’s side, and she would even encourage Christy to get out of bed and do something. With a newfound sense of purpose, Christy eventually started to bring her life back together again. She became more active, and she tried out for sled hockey.

Christy reignited her love for sports, and she excelled in sled hockey, which earned her a spot in the women’s US sled hockey team. Moxie is Christy’s lifesaver. Thanks to Moxie, Christy was able to put her life back together again. Christy knows how valuable Moxie is, and she’s paying it forward by fostering a dog with a disability and training it to be a service dog for children at Leeds Elementary. Here’s an inspiring video showing how a service dog helped an injured veteran get her life back.

Video Source ESPN via YouTube

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