Dog And Pig’s Weekly Playdate

Carlton and Colt deeply love each other despite being of two different species. Everyone was surprised at how well Carlton, the pig, and Colt, the dog, quickly got along so well on their first meeting.

Amanda Quick, Carlton’s human mom, shared with The Dodo that her pig quickly became friends with her friend, Mary’s dog, Colt. Amanda brought the pig with her to her weekly singing training at Mary’s house, and she did not know that Carlton would immediately become Colt’s best friend.

I take my pig, Carlton, for a play date with his best friend, Colt, every Monday. They are still always this excited to see one another. I love their love!

Posted by Amanda Quick on Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Amanda recalled how Colt literally could not take his adorable puppy eyes off of Carlton. Carlton and Colt grazed, did zoomies together, played, and even wrestled in the huge pile of leaves as if they have been friends for a long time.


Amanda believed that the reason why Carlton and Colt immediately connected was that they were both rescued animals and were abandoned by their previous owners. The two animals instantly bonded because they must have known that they used to be on the same boat.

Amanda shared that Carlton’s former family initially sold him as a mini pig, or otherwise known as a micro pig. However, Carlton’s owners dumped in on a rural Texas farm when the so-called mini pig grew bigger than they expected.

Amanda knew she had to have Carlton after she laid eyes on the pig’s photo. Amanda said that she wanted to rescue a pig and teach it to become a therapy animal, just like how she did with her two rescue pups.

Mary, Amanda’s friend, shared that Colt does not get excited as to how he is with Carlton. Her 8-year-old arthritic dog saves all his energy for his weekly playdate with his pig best friend.

Carlton often waits patiently by the front door every Monday when it is time to go to his friend’s house. Colt, on the other hand, would hop immediately to greet his best friend as soon as they come inside Mary’s house.

Source: Cool Dog Group via Facebook

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