Dog Is So Excited To Get His Puppucino Treat At A Starbucks Drive-Through

Almost every day, Stefanie falls in line at a Starbucks drive-through to get her coffee. While it seemed a routine already, something unexpected happened. Just before she grabbed her coffee, she noticed that the customer before her was so anxious for its order.

While Stefanie sat in her car, waiting for her turn, a dog stuck his head outside of the car’s window. He looked so anxious and excited for his order. It seemed like he’s done it several times, and he knows exactly what he’s doing.

The dog simply couldn’t contain his excitement. As soon as their car stopped at the drive-through window, he stuck his little head out and waited the entire time. He watched intently, waiting for what’s about to happen next. Then, finally, the barista opened the window and handed him a Puppucino.


The little pup couldn’t be any happier. He slurped his Puppucino all up. He is so delighted that he went nuts, said Stefanie.

The barista who handed the dog’s order seemed equally thrilled, too. She smiled as she watched the pooch devour his well-deserved treat. Anyone would surely want to share that moment. Watch it here:

Spotted at the Starbucks drive through today, someone was very excited for their puppucino

Posted by Stefanie Papasoff on Sunday, November 17, 2019

Seeing a little pup enjoy a Puppucino is genuinely a precious moment. But that’s not even the best part. The family didn’t order any other food or drink, said Stefanie. They waited on line for the Puppucino alone.

Several customers fell in line for their caffeine fix that day. But the pup’s family waited for one cup of Puppucino, nothing more. And they only made the best decision.

After the pup finished his treat, Stefanie pulled ahead for her order. Despite a few minutes of delay, she grabbed her drink with a smile on her face. And she noticed that the barista did the same.

Credits to Stefanie Papasoff

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