New State Law Hopes To Change Breed Bans In American Cities

Each new year gives us hope to better ourselves. But more than bettering ourselves, the new year also marks a new beginning. In most cities in Washington, a new beginning might happen to some dog breeds.

This became a reality after a new bill was introduced on January 1 that seeks to change the bans on Pit Bulls and Rottweilers. Previously, some Washington cities have negative ideas about these dog breeds because of their appearance.

While the government could not control the stereotypes against these dog breeds, most Washington cities came into terms to stop breed bans. There are 25 towns and cities in Washington that have prohibitions on Pit Bulls and Rottweilers. Other places in the same state have bans on different kinds of dog apart from Pit Bulls and Rottweilers.

Representative Sherry Appleton explained this dilemma. According to Appleton, these bans exist because there are people who find some dog breeds aggressive if not potentially harmful to people. But Appleton argues that all dogs are not bad. For her, it is the people and their stereotypes that put these dogs in a bad light.


Moreover, it is discriminatory to judge a dog merely on his or her appearance, Appleton shared. For Appleton, the very essence of the United States of America is freedom and democracy. This notion should be extended to all, including animals.

This is why Appleton is one of the lawmakers who support this new law. In April last year, it passed through Senate with 25-23 votes. It will then go to the Congress wherein the expected voting shall start not later than February this year.

Under the law, it will not stop any city from implementing dog bans. What it will do is to help out in putting an end on breed discrimination. All residents, meanwhile, are required to put their dogs to the test through the American Kennel Club Canine Good Citizen. This center will certify that a dog is not potentially harmless despite its breed.

Credits to King 5.