Stray Dog Hailed As Hero For Keeping A Litter Of Kittens Warm

Heroes come in all shapes and sizes. Some wear an officer’s uniform; some wear colorful Spandex costumes and capes. But in this cute story, the hero wore nothing but the fur on her body and her big heart. She displayed selflessness despite having nothing in her life, and she touched the hearts of thousands of people around the world.

This is the story of Serenity. This kind-hearted pup is a stray dog, and usually strays care about nothing and no one. Their daily goal is to scavenge for food and to find a warm and safe place to sleep at night. This is why Serenity’s story captivated the hearts of netizens who heard about her good deed.

Because unlike the usual stray dog, Serenity thought of others’ welfare before hers. This good Samaritan has been seen wandering the streets of Chatham-Kent, a small municipality in the province of Ontario. One day, a motorist spotted the pooch at the roadside. Worried about the pup, he pulled over to investigate.


To the motorist’s surprise, Serenity wasn’t alone. It turned out she was cuddling five little fur babies, and they aren’t even puppies. The hero dog was keeping five kittens warm at the side of the road. She used her long and slender body to curl up to the five little kittens who seemed to have been abandoned by their mom.

The man immediately called the Pet and Wildlife Rescue to collect Serenity and the kittens. Fortunately, all of the animals were in good health. The staff even shared that if Serenity didn’t keep the kittens warm, they probably wouldn’t have survived the freezing temperatures.

Once their story broke out, hundreds of people applied to adopt them. Many even wanted to adopt Serenity along with the kittens as a package. Unfortunately, the kitties were too young to be adopted, so in the meantime, they were sent to a foster home. Serenity will be spayed, and once the procedure is done, one of the many applicants will have the right to take her home.

Credits: WJZ

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