This Cute Halloween Dog Costume Won The Internet

There’s nothing cuter than a dressed-up pup. People around the world have gone crazy about dressing-up their dogs in cute dog costumes. Usually, smaller dog breeds look more adorable, but I know I’d love to see a Great Dane in a costume one day.

Halloween is one of the holidays when people come up with fantastic costume ideas for themselves as well as for their four-legged pets. Thanks to the internet, we’re able to see a lot of incredible pictures and videos every year of cute dogs resembling various fictional characters.

Vanessa Cheng and her one-year-old dog, Romeo, became an internet sensation last Halloween. Vanessa put a Chucky costume on her beloved French Bulldog, and she made a video recording of Romeo running around the house as this scary movie character.

Dressing-up Romeo to resemble the fictional and murderous doll from the well-known horror movie franchise, brought Vanessa and Romeo instant online fame.


The costume itself was magnificent. Vanessa thought of every detail very carefully, and she did her best she could. Romeo had the same crazy red wig, dressed in blue jean overalls, and he even had a fake knife made from foam, and all.

Vanessa claims that she doesn’t like horror movies, but she loved the idea of matching Romeo’s eyes with a scary outfit. She knew that the costume would become a hit, and she was right.

It was Halloween time, and she took her phone to record her cute Frenchie going toward the phone lens and running toward her with his little, but an utterly scary “knife.”

Vanessa posted the video on her Instagram account, and it went viral in no time. The video has over 11 million views, and the number of views is still rising.

Please look at this incredible Chucky pup in this video.

Video source Viral Press